Meet Meg From Lessons in Lemonade

Happy week 15 of #LivingLovingWriting!  We are two weeks away from the release of Lessons in Lemonade and today I thought I would introduce you to Meg Dukette. When I originally dreamt up this series, I had in mind that it would be more chick-lit, less drama. It would be light, fun, full of food, and about three friends who went to culinary school together and remained friends. The title Lessons in Lemonade came to me pretty easily, and I wanted to support the title by having characters who had both overcome something to get to this place they were at. That is how Meg ended up a cancer survivor. Little did I know she would become my hardest character to date.

See, I am not a cancer survivor. Personally I know nothing about what it is like to stand in her shoes and I had to do a lot of reading. I read more stories, more blog posts, and did so much research because I wanted to get it right. I had to. I even had a sensitivity reader to make sure the things Meg talked about were accurate, and although she said it was on point, I can’t help but be nervous. Meg is special, and I love her. I hope after you read her story and learn her journey you will think so, too. And ladies, always always always go in for your annual gyn checkup.

Things to know about Meg:

  • She’s an ovarian cancer survivor
  • She lives in Charleston, SC
  • She is a chef and owns her own restaurant, OBA (Orange Blossom Avenue)
  • She’s obsessed with high heels and iced coffee
  • She made a New Years resolution to go out with a different guy every month
  • She believes that food is love

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I found this gorgeous girl on Instagram, her name is Emily Didonato. Although her hair isn’t as curly as Meg’s is in the story, she looks pretty perfect. Beautiful smile, gray eyes, and based on her photos she drinks a lot of iced coffee, just like Meg, Lexi, and Shelby.


Excerpt from Meg —

Every day my heart is at war with my brain, and every day the brain wins out.

I’ve learned over the last couple of years that there’s no point in allowing emotions to drive us, our behaviors, or our decisions. They make the most rational person irrational, and I find that’s no way to live.

Heart—everything happens for a reason. Brain—no, sometimes bad things just happen.

Heart—good things come to those who wait. Brain—no, good things come to those who hustle, work for it, and never give up.

Heart—if only I was a little bit prettier, taller, funnier, he’d like me more. Brain—no, you are gorgeous inside and out; if he can’t see what a badass you are, he’s not worthy.

Sure, there’s the romantic side of me that wants to believe there’s some truth to wishes made on coins tossed into a fountain, candles blown out on a cake, and shooting stars—after all, the idea of these originated from somewhere—but the truth is, it’s all fake and there’s no such thing as luck. Those are just dreams of the heart. The only thing that matters is what we can give each day and to make a promise to ourselves, originated from the brain, that we’ll live life to the fullest.

Hence why I’ve adopted the expression When life gives you lemons, make lemonade as my life motto.

Lemonade. Lemon martinis. Lemon pound cake. Lemon bars. As a chef, they all work, and depending on my mood—sweet, salty, bitter, or sour—I’ve been known to make all of them.

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