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TSOL Review by Reading By the Book Blog

Gah… As an author, it doesn’t get much better than kind words… Thank you, Mayas Sanders, for your review.

“Shelby and Zach story of twenty emotional dimensions of perfection. I was invested and dragged the story on so I wouldn’t be at the end. I loved the emotional struggle, misunderstanding, growth, and support from beginning to end. This was a romance, Kathryn started it truly from beginning to end. Ups and downs, back and forth, confusion and happiness. The journey, the adventure, and the trust…. PERFECTION.

If you have ever read a previously written novel by Kathryn Andrews, you would totally understand that NOTHING is left unsaid or to your imagination. The story is from start to finish, each word, sentence, paragraph, and chapter has a purpose. The purpose of ensuring you fall in love just like the main characters. In this story, you couldn’t not like Shelby and Zach, either together or apart. They were just it. Two pieces to one whole of Sweetness…. Lavender that is….”

Review - Mayas


100 Reviews on Amazon

100 reviews on Amazon!

You guys rock!

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Blue Horizons Review – Emma at Perusing Princesses

Review 4

Will Ashton is disillusioned. Having dreamt of making it big in the music industry since picking up a guitar, he has spent the last 5 years riding the waves of success that have catapulted to the top of the country music scene. But at what cost? Compromising everything he wanted when he started making music with his best friend Clay all those years ago, this isn’t how he envisioned it to be. Lost and lonely, he makes a decision that will give him the break he so desperately needs, but that could also mean the end of the road for his music.

Avery Layne lives, eats and sleeps music, but she also craves the peace to move on from her past. Born and bred in the Midwest, she moved to New York to escape the darkness of betrayal and move forward with her life. But those ghosts still follow her all these years later. If it wasn’t for her best friends Emma and Cora, who knows where she would be. They have been her backbone, her strength, but maybe it’s now time to finally escape the past and look toward a brighter future.

Two people in desperate need for change. When they meet the chemistry is tangible, but is it enough? One is in need of inspiration for the future and one is desperate for liberation from the horrors of the past. When they meet as just two people in a bar, little do they know the effects that meeting will have on them both.

Another emotional read from Kathryn Andrews. Beautifully written, this author doesn’t shy away from tackling subjects that don’t necessarily go hand in hand with formula romance writing. Once again she has created two characters that face their own problems, but somehow become a healing balm for someone else. Kathryn has created a real atmospheric love story, and one that is very different to her début series. It feels more mature and it will appeal to people that maybe found that series bordered in a more YA/NA setting. This is very much NA and I think her writing style really suits it.

If you like your romance to have soul and emotion, Blue Horizon is the perfect read.

Character Profile for Will Ashton

A- Animal: Bear
B- Biggest Fear: Losing someone I love
C- Current Time: 1:14pm
D- Drink you last had: Water
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: Ava
F- Favorite Candy: Swedish Fish
G- Ghosts, are they real: no
H- Hometown: Nashville
I- In love with: Ava
J- Jealous Of: People who can walk down the street and not be recognized
K- Killed Someone? No, but daily there’s someone I wish I could.
L- Last time you cried?: Don’t remember
M- Middle Name: Don’t have one
N- Number of Siblings: I’m gonna say 2.
O- One Wish: To be somebody. Somebody to someone and somebody to myself.
P- Person who you last called: Clay
Q- Question you’re always asked: When did you get your big break?
R- Reason to smile: Ava
S- Song last sung: Hold back the river by James Bay
T- Time you woke up: 5:30 am
U- Underwear Color: black
V- Vacation Destination: mountains
W- Worst Habit: running my hands through my hair
X- X-Rays you’ve had: arm when I was a kid
Y- Your favorite food: I love Ava’s cupcakes, but any Italian will do
Z- Zodiac Sign: Libra


Blue Horizons Review – Book Excursions Book Reviews

Review 3

5 Stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review. ~ Alison

Will Ashton was in battle with his career; Ava Layne and her past are fighting for survival. With one chance encounter will they find solace in each other?

Kathryn Andrews has excelled with her writing; Blue Horizon is a beautifully well written and heart-warming contemporary romance. Will Ashton has a charming sweet charisma about him that I found captivating and intriguing; he’s an irresistible character. My heart broke for Ava; her past was far from pleasant. That girl considering all she had been through was truly strong; the reasons behind her closed off character is understandable. Once her walls began to fall down you could see her true personality begin to show through; Avery had a great sense of humour and a very sweet nature. Kathryn writes in a way that you can feel each of the emotions the characters are going through; almost as if you are living those emotions right along with them.

This story is an inspiration and gives hope; hope that no matter our past we can find the love we deserve and find a soul mate to repair not only our broken heart but our broken soul too.

If you love contemporary romances with an emotional captivating storyline you will absolutely love Blue Horizon by Kathryn Andrews.

Blue Horizons Review – Stephanie’s Book Reports

Review 2

*I was given a copy of this book as a gift from Stephanie’s Book Reports in exchange for an honest review. – Carla

I have read and loved all of Kathryn Andrews books, so I was beyond excited to be able to read and review her latest story! I must say that Blue Horizons has now become one of my all time favorites!

Ash and Ava’s story is one of true love and self discovery. While they both have achieved great success career wise, they are still missing something. My favorite quote from the book is from Ash, and I think it defines what it is that they are missing. He says “All I ever wanted was to be somebody. Somebody to someone and somebody to myself”. Wow, how profound, right? No matter what great success we might achieve, I believe that we all have the innate desire to be the center of someone else’s world. Without true love, our accomplishments don’t seem to matter as much.

While Ash and Ava both realize their connection from the moment their eyes meet, there are still some huge obstacles in the way of them finding their happily ever after. Can they see past all the secrets and wrong assumptions and learn to just “be”? Ash and Ava’s story will make you experience a myriad of emotions. You will laugh, cry, and become angry at how ignorant some people can behave. As always, the writing is amazing and will draw you in until the outside world fades away and only you and the story exist. If you haven’t discovered Kathryn Andrews books yet, you are in for a real treat! Another great job, Kathryn!!

Blue Horizons Review – Becca Reads A Lot

Review 1

This was my first Kathryn Andrews book, but let me just say that it certainly won’t be my last. Andrew’s writing is elegant. Blue Horizons was a slow burning love, packed full with healing and sparks. It was filled with the best kind of passionate tension and all of the emotional depth I look for in a book.

I walked into this story blind, but I know now that this book would have exceeded my every expectation I could have had. It was a stunning story of finding love and healing. Will Ashton will forever hold a piece of my heart just as Avery Layne has taught me more about not letting your fears rule your future than I would have ever imagined.

Andrews addresses difficult topics with grace and heart. I truly felt all of the emotions with none of the cliche “shock and awe” tactics that are often thrown into books, as if a girl who had undergone trauma would make a more complex character. Andrews doesn’t use the trauma as a crutch to make her story more “interesting” the way that I often see it done, but rather uses it as a tool for character growth and a way to show the evidence of compassionate true love. I cannot even begin express the respect I have for Andrews simply for this alone.

Thank you, Kathryn, for writing such a gorgeous book. It was life changing and enjoyable, every last word of it.

*ARC received in exchange for an HONEST review*