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All Books On Sale!

Prerelease sale


To celebrate the upcoming release of Chasing Clouds on the 19th (EEEP!), I’ve put ALL of my books on SALE! Drops of Rain will be free for a few days, and this is the first time I’ve lowered the price for The Sweetness of Life! If you haven’t grabbed them, read them, loved them, now’s your chance!!!

ALSO, share this post to help spread the word and someone will be gifted a $25 Amazon giftcard!!!!

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Love Note From Drew to Ali…

❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day!!! ❤️

Every year for the ENTIRE month of February, Lisa from True Story Book Blog posts love notes from some of our all time favorite book boyfriends. Here is a love Note from Drew to Ali…


Post Christmas Sale


I’ve teamed up with some fabulous author’s for a post Christmas Sale. Make sure to check them out, the sale will end before New Year’s Eve!


Get the biggest bang for your buck with those gift cards and stock your stuffing full with these 10 swoony reads! FREE or on sale for just 99 pennies for a limited time. Go go go!

★ Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin (99 cents!)

★ You Own Me by Mary Catherine Gebhard (99 cents!)

★ A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner (99 cents!)

★ Dirty English by Ilsa Madden Mills (99 cents!)

★ Deny Me by Fiona Cole (99 cents!)

★ Our Totally Ridiculously Made-Up Christmas Relationship by Brittainy C. Cherry (99 cents!)

★ Reveal by Elle Brooks (99 cents!)

★ The Sun and the Moon by Leslie McAdam (FREE!)

★ Unacceptable by Kristen Hope Mazzola (99 cents!)

★ Drops of Rain by Kathryn Andrews (99 cents!)

The Bookworm Box Giveaway


The @thebookwormbox has an amazing giveaway on their Facebook page! Make sure you head over to enter!!!
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The Beach Bag Boxed Set


I am honored to be involved in an incredible project with six other authors whose writing style and story-telling I respect and admire. We got together and thought, hey, let’s form a group of fun summer beach reads that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to our own readers. So the BEACH BAG was formed.


7 authors, 7 sizzling summer beach reads. Perfect for a week long vacation (whether you’re taking one or dreaming of taking one!)

This is a great opportunity for people to sample new-to-them authors! And it will only be available for JULY. Just one month! And for .99cents! Starting July 1st. So, if you like to pre-order your books here are the links, and be on the lookout for more posts to come!







Drops of Rain Freebie Sale


***FREE FOR 5 DAYS!!!***
Drops of Rain
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★ Amazon AU:

Hale Brothers Rank

Earlier this month, I ran a flash sale on the Hale Brothers boxset. The response from new readers has been amazing.



Thank you to everyone who spread the word and/or purchased the book. I hit an all-time record for the rank at 357 in the paid kindle store. For over a week, even after the sale, the boxset floated between 357-525 and stayed in the top 20 for Coming of Age and Romance – Sports. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! I hope you all love the stories and much as I loved writing them!