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Meet Erin and Katie From Southern Belle Book Blog

1. You are Southern Belle Book Blog – Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Erin – I’m Erin Spencer and I am 1/2 of Southern Belle Book Blog. I’m married to someone with the same name as myself, just spelled differently. It’s only mildly confusing but mostly super fun. I work in the events department at my local convention center and theatre. Most importantly, I’m the mother of 3 crazy, goofy children who drive me up the wall but make my heart pitter-patter every day.
Katie – Honestly, I hate talking about myself. But here it goes. I’m a native New Yorker living in Mars, PA. I got married 10(!) years ago and I’m a stay at home mom to three beautiful little girls. A few months ago I asked my oldest to help me write my bio and this is what she told me,”You’re pretty.” I’ve always been a reader. I remember driving cross country when I was in third grade, before DVDs in cars or having my own Walkman, and only being able to read. I fell in love with Laura, Mary and the whole Ingalls family that summer and it opened my world.
2. How did you get into blogging and why do you do it?
Erin –  I began reading the romance genre in the summer of 2012 (thanks to Mr. Grey and Ana for the newfound love of reading) and was immediately drawn in. Around November 2013, I tested the waters by being a part of a small book blog for around a month. While my time with that blog was fun, I decided it only made sense to begin my own. I needed an outlet. No one else in my family read romance, nor did my best friend. I needed somewhere to go and scream from the rooftops about books that I love and maybe get opinions on books that I don’t. I just needed somewhere of my own to squeal like a fangirl and thus, Southern Belle Book Blog was formed. As it has grown over the years, some things have changed but the core of SBBB has stayed the same. We love books, indie or not. We love authors, whether they’re uber-famous or they only have 10 likes on Facebook. If we fall in love with an author’s work, we fall in love with that author as a whole and nothing makes us happier than being able to shout it out as loudly as we can to anyone that will listen.
Katie – I got into blogging soon after Southern Belle started. Erin was looking to bring someone else in to help and a friend recommended me. We meshed immediately and the rest is history. I’ve loved being part of Southern Belle and watching it grow but the best part is building friendships that have grown into family.
3. If you could sit and have lunch with 3 Authors, who would it be and why?
Erin – Argh! For me, if I could choose 3 authors to sit down with, it would simply be my very favorite authors. The authors that grabbed my heart and didn’t let go when I first began reading romance. The authors that wrote books and characters that I still compare pretty much every book to, as unfair as that is. The authors that wrote books that I have the most memories of reading that first summer. So… S.C. Stephens, Colleen Hoover, and Tina Reber. I’m going to cheat though and add a 4th because having John Green at lunch would be hella cool too.
Katie – Three authors I’d love to have lunch with are Laura Ingalls Wilder, Cecelia Ahern and Colleen Hoover. Laura because she opened my world and made me love reading. Cecelia because P.S. I Love You was my favorite book of all time for over 10 years. Colleen because not only did November 9 over take P.S. I Love You but because she’s Colleen. She has taken not only indie publishing but traditional publishing by storm, but she has been so humble about it. Plus she’d keep us laughing throughout the lunch.
4. Which character in books, so far, do you like the most and why?
Erin – Are we talking specific characters or character traits? For me, I’m an either/or kind of girl. I either LOVE cheating and I love to have my tummy twisted in unimaginable ways OR I love to be swept off my feet by the type of guys that probably don’t actually exist in this world but I love pretending they do. My go-to male characters would be Kellan Kyle, Will Cooper, or the Hale brothers. As far as the heroine, give me a strong, independent, snarky woman any day of the week.
 Katie – The only thing I don’t read is paranormal. No vampires. No werewolves. No ghosts. Other than that, I read anything. I love a good alpha male. I love a good strong female. But I also love those who have struggled and appear weak but really deep down are strong. I love the underdog. There have been very few characters I just hated.
5. Tell me something on your bucket list. 🙂
Erin – I would love to live in New York City one day. Maybe not for a long period of time, because I don’t know if I could actually hack it there, but even just a tiny slice of time would be amazing.
Katie – I have a very small bucket list. As I get older it grows but top thing right now is to travel more with my kids. It could be a cross country road trip or going to Europe, but I want to give my girls the chance of seeing everything they want to.
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Erin and I at the Hard Rock Author Event in Tulsa, OK
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Reading by the Book Octoberfest Blog Hop

October Fest Blog Hop

Do you like to follow book bloggers? If so, then meet my friend Mayas. She runs Reading by the Book and is just awesome. Here is a little bit about her: I am a mother of three, CSL for a major tax company by day and blogger and avid reader the other 20 hours. I am a huge Indie author promoter. I review, share, edit, and beta read as well.


For the month of October she is hosting an Author/Blog hop and I am lucky enough to be apart of it. On October 19th, she is helping me spread the word for the release of Blue Horizons.

All throughout the month there are going to be amazing giveaways up for grabs so if you aren’t on her blog mailing list, at least make sure you head on over to her Facebook page and give it a like. Don’t forget to enter her rafflecopter too!

Meet Donna From The Romance Cover


This month’s blogger interview is with The Romance Cover. I love Donna. She has been so good to me and most recently I have her quoted on the back cover of the Hale Brothers Series box set. If you haven’t stopped by her blog… make sure you do!

1. You are blog The Romance Cover – Tell me a little bit about yourself…

Well, my name is Donna and I am one half of The Romance Cover. I am 41 years old, married and have three children aged 6, 5 & 4. By day I am an accountant, wife and mum and by night, still wife and mum but an avid reader and blogger. My life is busy and hectic so I use reading as an escape and I love nothing more than getting wrapped up in a good book. I read A LOT, usually a book a day but I am a quick reader. I love emotional reads, I love a tear jerker, yet I love my general romances and dark reads too, really I love anything bar historical. I play darts for a ladies darts league and I am also currently working through a proof reading course so that I can give back to the writing and reading world.

2. How did you get into blogging and why do you do it?
As I said above, I am one half of The Romance Cover, the other half is Willow. One day quite a few years ago I was trawling Amazon as one does and came across a chat thread that was titled “What to read after Easy…” and the question was posed by Willow, I answered and gave some book recommendations and we just started chatting daily about books. This went on for well over a year and we spoke on Amazon every day. We then exchanged numbers and facebook friendships and went on from there. One day Willow suggested we start a blog, she had been thinking about it for a while and asked if I would join her. From that day The Romance Cover was born. Willow is the technical guru and does all the blog posts on our blog page she also maintains the diary and emails, she also reads and reviews when she can.
Me on the other hand is the avid reader and reviewer and I also stalk all the authors, make friendships and just generally talk books to anyone who will listen. I look after our Facebook page and do the posts on their and make sure they make their way onto other social media sites.
For both of us, we just loved books and loved talking about books, there is nothing more exciting than finding a new author and finding a gem of a book. We love to read newbies as well as established and if we love it, we will pimp it to high heaven. If only one person reads and review and then purchases the book we have achieved something and that is what we set out to do. To tell people about the books we love and help the authors that write them.
3. If you could sit and have lunch with three authors, who would it be and why?
This is a tricky question because I love so many authors and ideally I would love to sit and chat with all of them. I have already met a few at various signings so I will pick some that I have not already met:-
  • Tiffany Reisz- I absolutely adore her “Original Sinners” Series, she has a way with words and her books are risque, yet emotional and captivating all the same. Her characters are flawed yet perfect and while their life is not ideal or normal to the average lay person, it is perfect for them.
  • RL Griffin – she has written some amazing books and is not as well recognised as she should be. I read her first published book not long after it came out, it was called By A Thread and the characters struck a chord. So much so I reached out to her on Facebook and we started chatting. She recently wrote a book called Razorblade Kisses and it absolutely killed me, this woman can write. Now another 4 books later and we still chat daily and I don’t see her as an author any more but a friend. We still haven’t met but I feel like we know each other just through our conversations. I cannot wait to meet her…one day…
  • As I said, I support the newbies and this author was another one I stumbled on by trawling Amazon, her name is Marni Mann and I have loved everything she has written, she has written the erotic and the emotional and romantic and she can seemingly turn her hand to anything she wants. Her Seductive Shadows series is hot and steamy and her Bar Harbour series is contemporary and romantic, but she can write and again is not very well known. Another author that needs some recognition.
4. Which character in my books so far do you like the most and why?
To be honest this is a really hard question, the Hale men are totally and utterly perfect in their own imperfect way. I love them all but for totally different reasons. Before reading Unforgettable Sun, I would have said that Beau pipped it because he really went through the mill yet still came out a survivor and he never lost his sense of humour. His useless facts have kept me entertained for three books now and the way he has grown as a person and as a father is so endearing. Now we have Matty and this man truly broke my heart, his story had me in tears, he was so broken, so cut off from society and everyone, he never felt wanted or loved and began to believe he just wasn’t destined for love. To see the change in him was remarkable and beautiful and really moved me. So Matty may have just edged it, but even Drew left his mark too….gah this is too hard…and cruel.
5. Tell me something on your bucket list.
My bucket list…hmmmm I am by no means an adrenaline junkie and there is nothing really interesting on there. Just general things I would at least like to try and do. Neither me nor my husband particularly like flying, we are fine on shortish flights but long flights give us the heebie jeebies, however, we are determined to take the children to Disney World when they are old enough to appreciate it. So flight be damned, I will be on American soil at some point and I cannot wait to have an explore. It is one country I have wanted to visit for a long time but have just been too scared to fly to. It is amazing how children change you and you will do anything to give them everything you possibly can, even if it means a long flight…

Meet Megan From The Never Ending Book Basket

NEBBAs an Indie Author, my dreams would not be coming true without the support and love of the many book bloggers who have read my stories and think they are worthy of sharing. Each month, in my Newsletter, I am introducing you to some of these amazing women. If they are new to you, make sure you hop on over to their Facebook page and blog, I’m sure they’d love to meet you…

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Megan is very near and dear to me. She beta reads for me, pushes me to stretch more, and helps me make my stories beautiful. Make sure you stop by soon and say “Hi” to her… xo

1. You are the blog – The Never Ending Book Basket, tell me a little bit about yourself… Well, my name is Megan and I run The Never Ending Book Basket. I spend my days teaching the tiny humans, and I spend every other waking minute of the day reading as many books as possible. I have always been a book addict, and I am a huge sucker for a good love story. Happily Ever Afters are my jam. In addition to books, I am a lover of all things coffee related, I’m an eternal optimist, and I am hugely addicted to every one of Shonda Rhimes’ TV show’s.
2. How did you get into blogging and why do you do it? So one day on my long commute home from work, the idea of starting a book blog just came to me, and that’s when The Never Ending Book Basket was born. I was ALWAYS talking about books I was reading to my friends or anyone else who would listen to me, and I wanted to find an outlet to share my thoughts on books, and a place where I could recommend the books I was reading to others. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started, but over a year later, The Never Ending Book Basket is still going strong! I’m all about spreading the book love as much as I can. I love supporting authors, and introducing their work to other readers. I also absolutely love the books that I’ve been exposed to since becoming a book blogger that I might have missed had I not entered this fabulous community of authors and bloggers.
I never knew the extraordinary people and friendships I would make by starting this blog, and I can’t say enough how happy book blogging and interacting with all these fabulous authors, fellow readers, and bloggers makes me.
3. If you could sit and have lunch with three authors, who would it be and why? This is a tough one because I would probably pick 50 authors if I could, but I guess if I could only pick 3 I’d go with Karen White, Colleen Hoover, and Stephen Chbosky.
Karen White because her books just have everything that makes a book phenomenal, and they’ve all got some southern love and charm. Colleen Hoover because her books inspire me as a reader and writer everyday, plus she seems like a seriously awesome person to hang out with. Stephen Chbosky because while I could NEVER pick a favorite book, if I ever attempted to write a list of favorite books, his book The Perks of Being a Wallflower would most definitely be on that list.
4. Which character in my books so far do you like the most and why? Another tough one! I hate to pick just one because I love them all immensely, but I have to say I think Matt is my favorite character. I’ve had the extraordinary chance to get a peek at his story, and let’s just say that I am in full on love with his character. His character has intrigued me since Drops of Rain, and stepping into his head and getting the chance to understand him is beyond fantastic. And let me tell you: his story is just going to blow you away!!!
5.  Tell me something on your bucket list. I’m going to give you two, one book related and one not. I would love to publish one of the many stories rolling around in my head, and I’ve told myself that this is the year I will actually get off my butt and get to writing it all down. I would also love to see a sunrise and a sunset in as many places as I possibly can around the world. (Australia, The Grand Canyon, Rio, Bali, & everywhere else in between!)

Meet The Girls From Novel In Heels

novel in heels

As an Indie Author, my dreams would not be coming true without the support and love of the many book bloggers who have read my stories and think they are worthy of sharing. Each month, in my Newsletter, I am introducing you to some of these amazing women. If they are new to you, make sure you hop on over to their Facebook page and blog, I’m sure they’d love to meet you…

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1. You are blog Novel In Heels – Tell me a little bit about yourself…
We are two women from Melbourne, Australia.  We are mothers, wives, best friends, lovers of hot shoes, hot men and hot books.
Life for both of us is always busy.  With work, being a mother and wife and now blogging.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.
We always loved a good book, but FSOG reignited our passion for a sexy hot love story and we haven’t looked back.

2. How did you get into blogging and why do you do it?
Blogging – well it sort of just happened.  Yes, really.  We are both interested in the same type of books, constantly talking and texting each other about one thing or another from different books.  One night, over a glass of wine, we decided that it would be an exciting and challenging idea to start our little blog (really it started with a fb page only) and see where it took us.  Now we have a FB page, Blog page, Twitter and newly started Instagram.
FB –
Blog –
Twitter – @NovelsInHeels
Instagram –
We really just wanted to share our love of books and the written word with others.
Blogging has become part of our busy lives.  It has been rewarding and life changing in so many ways.  From meeting and becoming friends with some fabulously wonderful authors, readers and like-minded people to now being a part of the blogging team of Fictionally Yours Melbourne Author Invasion Event in October 2015.  We are extremely excited to be part of this team.
Check it out here –

3. If you could sit and have lunch with three authors, who would it be and why?
This we have to separate:
Trish – Sylvia Day, EL James, Katy Evans
My Whys – EL was the first to bring me back to books, Sylvia inspires me with Gideon and Eva and I’m in awe of Katy’s Real Series.
Angela – Rachel Van Dyken, Abbi Glines, EL James
My Whys – EL was the first to bring me back to books, Rachel because of the way she writes mafia fiction – just amazes me and Abbi because her sea breeze and rosemary beach series was inspiring and blew me away.

4. Which character in my books so far do you like the most and why?
Trish – OMG this is too hard……for me anyway because I loved both Drew and Beau.  But, I think I might have a softer spot for Beau because he was so misunderstood by Leila. 
Angela – It’s on my TBR, but Trish has highly recommended them to me – like every day we talk.

5. Tell me something on your bucket list.
Ok as a team – so not many people know this, but we are trying to co-write a book.  It’s been on our list for quite some time, we have a few chapters but nothing set in stone as yet.  It would be one of our biggest achievements if we get it published this year.