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Big Apple Author Event


I can’t believe this event finally happened! We’ve been planning for the BAAE for so long, it felt as if it was never going to get here, and then it did. Holy Moly, what an amazing weekend.

First, I have to thank Maritza for joining me to be my assistant this weekend. With over 1,000 tickets sold in 8 minutes, we knew it was going to be a very long and crazy day. Next, thank you Megan for coming into the city to see me. As always, your friendship and continued support of my stories means the world to me.


Elle Brooks, forever you are my Book Bestie. I know you hate to fly, and you still crossed the pond to share a table with me. I love your stories, I love you, and I loved spending the weekend with you. Now it’s my turn to head your way! UK here I come!




To the readers… WOW. I am continually humbled by your kindness, your friendships, and your never ending love of our stories. Thank you for coming out to see me, Elle, and all of the other amazing authors. I hope you enjoyed the event hosted by Southern Belle Book Blog, had an amazing day, and until next time! Much love!





Scripted Social Author Event


Hello, Des Moines! Wow, did I have an amazing time. From traveling with Kandi Steiner, to spending time with friends old and new . . . this trip was outstanding. Thank you to Southern Belle Book Blog and the Book Hoarders for putting on a flawless event, and thank you to all of the readers who came out to support us, say hello, and buy our books. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s because of all of you my dreams have come true. xoxo







Wild & Windy in the City 2016


Chicago! What can I say . . . but, “WOW!”

To the girls at Author Groupies, well done! You put on an amazing, flawless event. To the volunteers, thank you so much for all the time and help that you gave. To my author friends, I loved getting to spend some time with you. And to the readers, you made this weekend unforgettable. Thank you for loving my stories and for wanting them on your shelves. This means the world to me!




Let’s rock the night away at an 80’s party!


My shoes!!!


Robin and Jessica!!!












TreeTops Book Club


I was super honored and excited to be invited to the TreeTops Book Club. Blue Horizons was selected as their March read and they loved it. One of the best discussion questions came from a conversation between Ash and Ava. Answer this for yourself, “Is trust earned or given until lost?” Thank you, Nancy for organizing! xoxo


Holidays With The Belles


Holy Moly! Did I have an outstanding time in Dallas, Texas. I knew after last year’s signing in Tulsa, OK it would be awesome, but I was blown away by the event and the readers who came out to see us.

We're almost all in... xo

We’re almost all in… xo

A huge thank you to Erin and Katie, from Southern Belle Book Blog, for putting on a spectacular event. Everything ran so smoothly, and I don’t know of one person who left not feeling excited and content.

Jade, my sweet friend, you are always a lifesaver. From picking me up at the airport (after a 2-hour delay), to driving home after midnight the night before the event so we’d have extra visuals for the table. You are so wonderful and I love you dearly. Thank you for being the best assistant this weekend and the most amazing friend.

Megan and Brandy, thank you for coming to Dallas to spend some time with me. I know it’s hard to fly off, and to leave families, but I appreciate it more than you know.

Maritza, come fly away with me anytime!

To the readers who came out to show all of us love… Thank you. After every event I’m left feeling humbled by you and this one is no different. I think what made it truly special for me is how many familiar faces came smiling my way…all the way…from Tulsa. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If you ordered a book from me to be delivered, they’re on their way soon!

I look forward to seeing everyone again! Drop by and say hi to me  anytime, I’m always around… Here’s my photo roll… xo

Indulging while my plane is delayed to the weather LOL.

Indulging while my plane is delayed to the weather LOL.

Maritza Torres - my co-traveler!

Maritza Torres – my co-traveler!

Maritza, Roxie Madar & Me!

Maritza, Roxie Madar & Me!

The bad weather...

The bad weather…

Can't go to Texas and not eat some Tex-Mex!

Can’t go to Texas and not eat some Tex-Mex!

Red River Country Bar

Red River Country Bar

Megan, Jade, Martha, Courtney

Megan, Jade, Martha, Courtney

The lovely Shannon O'Neill

The lovely Shannon O’Neill


Nancy Minot - First sale of the day - two hours before the event opens! Love you!

Nancy Minot – First sale of the day – two hours before the event opens! Love you!

RD Berg and Yara G.

RD Berg and Yara G.

Yara Greathouse

Yara Greathouse

Kimberly Plummer

Kimberly Plummer

Jessica Hollyfield

Jessica Hollyfield

Jade and Megan

Jade and Megan

Brandy Roberson

Brandy Roberson

Ek Blair

Ek Blair



Corinne Michaels

Jodie Larson

Jodie Larson

Trinity Snider

Trinity Snider

Kylie Sharp

Kylie Sharp

Hazel James aka Kam! LOL

Hazel James aka Kam! LOL

Kris Duplantier

Kris Duplantier


Tarryn Fisher


Maria DelaCruz


Joy Prewitt


Lisa Maurer


Dian Phillips


Sherry Corby


Kim Holden


Kim and Maritza


Me missing Elle


Courtney Bickmore


Break time behind the table!


Maritza Torres


Courtney Williams

Raffle Winner - Amy Cook!

Raffle Winner – Amy Cook!

OH look! Jen is a Belle's raffle winner... Are those Coho books?!!

OH look! Jen is a Belle’s raffle winner… Are those Coho books?!!



Dinner with Ek and Ashley


Downtown Dallas






Sassy In Savannah Pre-Orders

Hey y’all! My next novel Blue Horizons is due to release on October 19th. So to celebrate with those attending Sassy in Savannah on October 3d, I’m going to give an eARC to everyone who places a pre-order with me. Looking forward to seeing all of you… Kathryn xo

Pre-order form 🙂

savannah preorders

Tulsa . . . Meet The Selfie Stick

IMG_2568After the event was over, Elle and I set out around the casino for a little selfie stick fun. If you were at the signing and we saw you out and about, there is a good possibility that your photo was taken. We loved singing country music, dancing, hitting the slots, losing at Blackjack, and spending time with so many new friends. Thank you for making it so memorable for us… xoIMG_2564 IMG_2570 IMG_2574 IMG_2575 IMG_2576 IMG_2583 IMG_2600 IMG_2599 IMG_2585 IMG_2586 IMG_2588 IMG_2589 IMG_2591 IMG_2592 IMG_2593 IMG_2595 IMG_2596 IMG_2604 IMG_2608 IMG_2611 IMG_2613 IMG_2614 IMG_2615 IMG_2619 IMG_2620 IMG_2622