Podcast Interview with Author Willow Aster

I LOVED doing this podcast with Willow! Make sure y’all take a listen and check out all of the other amazing authors she’s spoken to!
Thank you, Willow Aster. xo
In this episode, I call on bestselling author and hardworking mom, Author Kathryn Andrews. Kathryn dishes about her love of Southern food, her penchant for wanderlust, connecting the dots, creating plots, and some pearls of wisdom from JJ Watt.
Listen on the website: http://bit.ly/KathrynAndrewsLITP
Listen on Apple: https://apple.co/2B1EDXW
Listen on Google Play: http://bit.ly/2M14cyP
Listen on Android: http://bit.ly/AndroidLITP
I LOVED reading Kathryn’s Last Slice of Pie—a delicious, sweet southern treat of a second chance sports romance.
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