How many of you participate in the #LAST90DAYS? Author Karla Sorensen first introduced me to this event two years ago, and I love it. It is hosted by Rachel Hollis, author of Girl Wash Your Face, and when you read below what she says about the program it completely makes sense. Why do we wait until January 1? Let’s start today, and go into the beginning of 2020 already ahead of the game.

I’ve included the link to sign up, because today is the day! Join the community and embrace the support you’ll find to end 2019 being your best self. If you follow me on social media, mainly Instagram, you’ll see me post about my journey, along with my friend Kelli. We’re committed and I can’t wait to hear if you are too.


From – Hollis Co.

Imagine what it would be like to START your New Year on the 20th floor instead of back down in the basement! Imagine how much momentum you’ll have. Imagine how much you’ll accelerate the vision you have for your life if you stay motivated during the time of year when most people are struggling. For people who are already focused on personal development and personal growth, this idea makes sense. But what about those of you who’ve never considered this before or are trying a challenge for the first time? Here’s why it matters…

– Because the last three months tend to be the most stressful of the entire year and if you don’t have a plan, you’ll resort to negative behavior.

 – Because the last three months of the year are typically when you interact with extended family, and if that family is stressful at best or toxic at worst and don’t have a plan to deal with them, you’ll become the worst version of yourself around them.

 – Because the last three months of the year are typically when we make the worst decisions regarding our health. We eat more, drink more and move less. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll reach for bad coping mechanisms


EVERY MONDAY morning you’ll get an email from us with the week’s theme. Each theme will focus on a different topic from persistence to the power of habits. We will also include all kinds of resources and FREE content that will help you with the challenge.

EVERY WEEKDAY morning at 8AM central you can join Rachel and Dave for their daily live stream on either their Instagram or Facebook page. Each day’s live stream starts with a little humor and ends with a little fire. Each day they’ll be unpacking the limiting beliefs and best practices that held them up or helped push forward along their own journey. They will also add all sorts of other things into their programming so we can add the most value to you.

EVERY DAY you need to do your Five to Thrive! We will add them as a resource when you sign up but please tune into the Live stream so you can hear Rachel + Dave explain (or go hear it later on our new Start Today Morning Show podcast). Five to Thrive is our baseline. While everyone taking part in the challenge is at different places and stages, we all commit to doing these five things every day.

CLICK HERE to join #LAST90DAYS and end the year STRONG!

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