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I’m not even sure where to begin on this post, because I am truly truly humbled by the wonderful new friends, bloggers, and readers that I have met in 2014.

Elle, my book bestie, you make the world a better place. xoxo

One year ago today, I made my New Years Resolution . . . I was going to write and finish a book. With my husband, boys, and friends I sat down on January 1 and began something that became life changing.

After 72 days, I finished Drops of Rain, and I cried. I cried because I did it and I loved it. I loved my story, and it didn’t matter in the end if anyone else did, because it was mine and I was so proud of it.

In 2014, I finished two books and found myself in the process. I love writing. I have always been writing and I imagine that I always will.

Here is a question that I was asked in an interview yesterday and I think it goes along with this post perfectly.

Fiona: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

No. I know that over time I will get better and my style of writing will become more defined, but at the moment when I was ready to hit publish for both of my current books, they were the best I thought they could be and I have no regrets. I love those stories for who I was when I wrote them and how they’ve made who I am today. <3

If I was to change something then my books would not have made these lists. I am completely floored and speechless to one not only be picked, but two to be selected with these other amazing authors. I have read their stories, followed them on Facebook, and thought to myself, “Maybe, just maybe one day I will write stories that are loved like theirs.”

Heidi Jo – Heidi Van Book Addict and all of the beautiful people below . . . Thank you for helping make my dreams come true. I may have made your list for 2014, but each of you unknowingly made my list for forever… My cup runneth over . . .


“Drops of Rain and Starless Nights were such emotional and beautiful reads that I just loved. All the feels, all the emotion, and all the love. Drew Hale, Ali Rain, Beau Hale, and Leila Starling just molded themselves to my heart when I met their characters. You’ll love the intricate and just plain wonderful layers to these books, stories, and characters, and I guarantee there’s no way you won’t be loving the Hale brothers by the end of these books.” Megan Cooke, Never Ending Book Basket


“Over the next few days leading up to the NEW YEAR we want to GIVEAWAY a few of our FAVORITE READS from 2014. To keep this party rolling I have picked two of my favorite debut books from 2014. They are Beneath It All by Author Tori Madison and Drops of Rain by Author Kathryn Andrews” – Riley Mackenzie, Authors


“My list can go on and on but these are the books that I talk about all the time, they are my 5+ star books. I don’t eat or sleep they have me so hooked. These are the book when the kids say ” can I have a cookie” and it’s 9am, I say “yes”. Drops of Rain by Kathryn Andrews is a beautiful story.” – Natasha Rochon, 2 Girls a book and a glass of wine


“I love this book… It confronts issues that are close to my heart. You will fall in love with Ali and Drew and root for them to break through the heartache that threatens to engulf them. Be prepared ladies.” Jen Shrum, Breathless Ink


Ebbie Moresco, Author Groupies


“2014 has been a pretty amazing year and I know that 2015 will be even better. It still blows my mind that authors still want me to read and review their books. What is even cooler is that readers actually want to read my reviews. It is pretty awesome! So here is a list of my top 10 books of 2014 and I will not put them in order because it will be to hard, and I don’t want to cheat anyone out ;)” – Cecily Bonney, Cecily’s Book Review – She picked Starless Nights


“Each of these touched one (or maybe both) of us and stood out among the rest. They made us smile, brought us to tears, ripped us apart, mended our hearts, and more than anything, made us fall in love. In love with the characters, in love with their stories, and in love with the fantastic authors that created them. So thank you for bringing these novels into our lives.  Hale Brothers Series, one of Erin’s favorite series.” Erin Spencer, Southern Belle Book Blog


“This was BRUTAL!! and because like my lovely nominator Kelly Findlay i could have listed at least another 20, I have chosen only books released in 2014. And I have so cheated (A LOT!!). Drops of Rain/Starless Nights – Author Kathryn Andrews. Best Debut Author 2014 – Elle Brooks & Kathryn Andrews (sorry, it would be like picking a favourite child)” Emma Allsop, PerusingPrincesses Blog

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  1. Jennifer Shrum December 31, 2014 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    You are amazing Kathryn… I am so honored to have “met” you this year. You are doing amazing things lovely – I can’t wait to witness your journey and hopefully be a part of your growth in the New Year. Thanks for being so incredible 😘

  2. 2 Girls A Book And A Glass Of Wine January 3, 2015 at 1:03 am - Reply

    We love you Kathryn <3

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