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People often ask if any parts of the books are real to my life. Considering the Hale Brothers upbringing, I am happy to report, “No.” But, what I can tell you is that almost all of my characters names are for someone who is close to me, or it was chosen by someone close to me . . . except for Beau.

When I started writing Drops of Rain, I read an article that talked about how important secondary characters are. It was always meant to be a standalone, but once the feedback started coming in from the Beta readers, I knew that people would want more Beau. I really do find this funny, he is my most talked about character. The character that was never really meant to be. But that’s how it goes, right? We don’t write the stories, the stories write themselves.

So here you go:
Drew – my husband.
Ali – wanted a short name and I have always loved it.
Cassidy – I know an evil one.
Grant – my husband picked.
Beau and Leila – no idea where I came up with those.
Matt – my youngest son.
Elle – my book bestie Author Elle Brooks.
Davy – my oldest son.
Ryla – best friend’s daughter.
BLK label – best friend Brandie’s intials.
Kelly’s Candy shop – best friend.
Charlie – my nephew
Camille – I wanted a pretty southern name
Quinn – I let Kelly pick her name

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