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It’s been a little over two months since the release of The Sweetness of Life, and I’m loving all of the messages that are still coming in and can’t say thank you enough. If you’ve read the story, then you know I tried to make it a little different, less serious than my other stories, lighter on the topics, and more fun. Hopefully I’ve achieved that and you’re loving all the recipes. Here are some review quotes… I love them all,

“The Sweetness of Life is utterly delicious in every sense of the word, and is a love story that will no doubt leave you thirsty for more. As with all Kathryn Andrews novels, once you pick this one up, you’ll be hard pressed to put it down until it’s been completely devoured. Not only is the writing beautiful, but the recipes that have been wound thoughtfully through the book are equally as fabulous. This is so much more than your average romance novel, and I dare you not to fall for it.” Author Elle Brooks

“Where do I begin with this story…? I literally loved every page. From start to finish I was enthralled into Shelby and Zach’s story. Kathryn Andrews has delivered an excellent story, written both beautifully, and captivating. She has this magical way with words that has your heart so full of love, and admiration, it almost feels like it could burst at any moment.” Reader, Allison Parkins

“I have been so excited for a new book from Kathryn Andrews and boy was the wait worth it! The Sweetness of Life was a brilliant enemies to lovers story with all the southern flair. The turbulent push and pull between Shelby and Zach made me turn page after page. I loved the characters, the exquisite descriptions of scenery, and all the food and wine. This story broke the stereotypical love stories we’ve all read and up until the very end, I wasn’t sure how their story would play out. Adding in a bit of angst, this book delivered the feels. I strongly recommend The Sweetness of Life to anyone wanting to disappear into a great book!” Author Brooke Parker

“This is my first book of Kathryn Andrews and definitely not my last. This book is not your average love story and it would leave any romance craving critic wanting more.
This book was beautifully written with mouthwatering recipes leaving the reader to devour them. The characters were perfection; Shelby’s determination and strength versus Zach’s arrogant and troublesome personality is what makes these two polar opposites; the perfect recipe for sweetness. Kathryn did a remarkable job with this story. The pull from the beginning kept me invested until the end. The emotional pull and constant tug of war is what loves all about and in this book it was brilliantly crafted.
The recipes that were given and the description of places that Shelby describes, gives your taste buds are workout and your imagination wanting to be beamed up into this beautiful story. I absolutely loved how the author left the recipes in here for everyone to try out; a very clever idea. This book is a contemporary romance book and would definitely recommend it to anyone.” A Book Lovers Emporium Book Blog

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