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Gah… As an author, it doesn’t get much better than kind words… Thank you, Mayas Sanders, for your review.

“Shelby and Zach story of twenty emotional dimensions of perfection. I was invested and dragged the story on so I wouldn’t be at the end. I loved the emotional struggle, misunderstanding, growth, and support from beginning to end. This was a romance, Kathryn started it truly from beginning to end. Ups and downs, back and forth, confusion and happiness. The journey, the adventure, and the trust…. PERFECTION.

If you have ever read a previously written novel by Kathryn Andrews, you would totally understand that NOTHING is left unsaid or to your imagination. The story is from start to finish, each word, sentence, paragraph, and chapter has a purpose. The purpose of ensuring you fall in love just like the main characters. In this story, you couldn’t not like Shelby and Zach, either together or apart. They were just it. Two pieces to one whole of Sweetness…. Lavender that is….”

Review - Mayas

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