“The End”

After seventy two days, I typed… ‘The End’.

I’ve always wondered how authors would know when their book was done.  It seems to me that you can always add, take out, and rewrite, but as I finished a specific paragraph that I had been working on in the last chapter for Ali a strange sense of calm and completeness washed over.   I lifted my fingers away from the keys, stared at my laptop screen and I just knew…I was done.  I looked down at the word count and it falls just under 105,000.  Of course I take a picture of the words ‘the end’ and text it to my husband.  As I listened to him say how proud of me he was…I cried.

I really enjoyed writing this book.  My poor husband and friends must have heard me say at least a hundred times how much I love my characters, and I do.  Going on this emotional journey with them I felt drained and at times raw, but I will never forget the strength and love that they found in each other.  Drew says, “As long as I have my way, there will never be anyone else.  The pull that I have towards her is like the need to breathe and without either one of those things, I would just die.”  I know how he feels, because I feel the same towards my husband.  It’s this kind of love that is an everlasting love.

I can’t say thanks enough for all of the support that I have been given.  The manuscript is officially out of my hands and in those of some very talented people.  I look forward to seeing how they slice, dice, chop, edit, perfect, and polish my story.  In the meantime, we’ll be working on the cover.  Stay tuned…


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