From the bottom of my heart I give thanks to all of you. This dream of mine wouldn’t be coming true without each of you, and that means more than you’ll ever know. To my friends and family, I love you… thank you for encouraging and supporting me to follow my dreams. To my author friends, thank you for your friendship, love, and guidance. To my team – Sarah H., Julie B., Megan C., Julie T., Caitlin M., Elaine, Ena, Amanda, and Emily T., thank you for choosing to work with me and for giving my dream life. To the readers, thank you for buying, sharing, reviewing, and loving my stories. As an author, this is what we strive for, to share our stories with the world and have them be loved. Each of you has given me this. I hope each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving… and never forget… I am thankful for you.

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