“Rain” A Poem By My Son Davy


At my boys school, in second grade, they spend a lot of the time working in Writers Workshop. At the end of each school year, the class has an Author’s Party to showcase some of their best work of the year to the parents. This past May, for Davy it was a poetry party.

Each child surprises their parents with a book full of poems that they have written. Throughout the school year, he was taught twenty three different styles of poems, and his book has over thirty poems it. So proud of him.

Well, right about this time he says, “Mama, did you publish your book yet?” No, I had not. Then he asks, “If I write a poem for your book will you put it in?” OF COURSE!!! YAY!!! I love supporting any and all types of creativity from them (another plus of self-publishing – I can put in whatever I want.) So, then he says, “Awesome, I already wrote it . . .” and he runs off to get it.

The thing that I find most extraordinary about his poem is at the time Drops of Rain was called Dragonfly. He didn’t even know that I had changed the title. Yet, here he is with his beautiful Cinquain Poem titled Rain.

You will find it after the dedication in Drops of Rain. He too is now published and I am so proud of him.

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