Milestone Graduations

It’s funny how when we’re standing on the starting line, we can’t even imagine what it’s going to feel like at the end. For years, I have silently mourned this moment, and maybe that did help prepare me, but what I found is that while I’m sad for the closing of this chapter, I am excited for the next. Just like the boys are ready, I am ready, too.


We had two milestone graduations this year. And although the traditional ceremonies and activities were cancelled due to the virus, it didn’t stop us from celebrating and having fun. Matty has officially graduated from 5th grade, which means we are closing the chapter to lower division/elementary school and Davy has graduated from middle school and is off to high school. While I do feel some nostalgia for how things were, I understand that they are changing and it’ll be okay. I’m so proud of them. From their gentle hearts, to the effort they apply to everything. They are amazing and I’m lucky to be their mom.

Here are the highlight photos of Matty. We dressed up for Honor’s Night and he was recognized for being the blue team captain for 5th grade. My little buddy has been the blue team captain now for three years.

Here are the highlight photos of Davy. He finished the year with all A’s and one B, English are we surprised LOL, and he qualified for two honors classes next year: geometry and physics with engineering.


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