I Can’t Believe It’s Been A Year

Custom-Balloon-design-toolToday is August 11th and it marks the one year birthday for my debut novel Drops of Rain. It’s funny how people often talk about milestones and the big events that mark them, but for me, this day stands out as one all on its own.

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There’s a silence around me today that’s filled with contentment and awe. I’m amazed by myself and that I put out three books in a year, and I’m humbled by those around me who’ve made this dream come true. To the readers, bloggers, author friends, and street team words can’t express the gratitude and love I have for all of you. I’ve always said the book community is the best community and it’s here I finally feel like I belong.


A few months ago, after the release of Unforgettable Sun, I was interviewed by a blogger and one of her questions was, “Knowing what you know now, would you go back and rewrite Drops of Rain?” I still stand by my answer, and that is, “No.”

Like any craft, the longer you work and educate yourself on it, the better you get. I do believe that I have grown as an author, but at that moment when I was ready to publish Drops of Rain, it was the best it could be and I was proud of it.

On Amazon, Drops of Rain hit #59 in ebooks – Romance – Sports and #79 in ebooks – Teen & Young Adult – Romance. The only words I have to say are, “Thank you.”

To celebrate, I’ve dropped the price to .99 cents for a few days. If you have friends who you think would enjoy this story, please spread the word, and don’t forget to leave a review when you are done. No matter how big or small, to us authors they all make a difference.

Amazon link to Drops of Rain

Much love, xoxo


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