Changing Cassidy’s Character

CassidyI love feedback. All kinds, good and bad. As an author, we create, shape and mold our characters into these people that are relatable, loved, and even disliked. It’s the depth of the characters that give the story a true meaning.
I was fortunate enough to find a new editor last minute who gave me some great content feedback on one of my secondary characters. I’ve spent so much time on the Drew, Ali, and Beau, that Cassidy ended up falling a little short. So, five days before publishing, I set out to make her not so cliché, and to give her a little more depth than just being the mean girl.
The changes are slight, but they are throughout, and I hope that in the end the readers will appreciate this side to her a little more.
Nessa (my editor) says, “I love this direction. I think it’s so much better, more mature, grown-up, and adds more edge to the character.”
It seems to me that the stories always start the way we want them too, but it’s the story that decides how it’s going to end.
The manuscript is officially in the hands of the formatter and I am thrilled to finally say…”I’m DONE!” When I think back over the journey of Drops of Rain, at times it may have been challenging, but it all has been so worth it.
4 Days Away!…

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