Challenge Yourself. . .

This morning, when my alarm went off at 5:30, the only thing I wanted to do was stay in my comfortable bed curled up next to my handsome husband. I didn’t sleep that well, no idea why, and upon cracking my eyes opened I saw that the sun was barely out. How many times have I told my kids over the years that when the sun goes to bed, so do we? And currently, the sun is still in bed lol. But I did it. I got up and ran 3 miles before waking the boys to get them ready for school. I love running, I do, but today it was a challenge. And you know what, afterward I felt amazing. Amazing knowing that I pushed through staying comfortable, what felt great in my mind, and went out and did something instead that was great for my body. If you stay comfortable in your life you’re going to get the same results. I wish for all of you, is that you’ll find something in your life where you can challenge yourself. Get uncomfortable. And I promise you will be amazed by what you can do and what you can achieve in all aspects of your life. Do not put a limit on yourself, push your boundaries, and raise what you feel are your standards. Seek out that uncomfortable feeling this week and in the end goals can be achieved and success will find you. Always remember, “What doesn’t challenge you, won’t change you.”

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