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When one of your author friends reads your story and then writes a review like this…I’m humbled, proud and so full of love. Thank you, Kandi Steiner for the amazing review. It means the world to me… xoxo

My favorite Kathryn Andrews book to date!

I’m so happy I was able to read an advanced reader copy of this book. I’ve been chomping at the bit to read it ever since I heard that Kathryn Andrews was writing another sports-centered and southern charm romance. I just LOVE that combination — football and the beach? Antiques and lemonade? Big southern mansions and small town, charming little hearts? SIGN ME UP.

I will say, the beginning was kind of slow for me. It’s hard for me to sign on to the “fake husband” possibility, and it’s always been that way for me as a reader. I was actually a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to get into the story.

But MAN, was I wrong!

After the first 10-15% or so, I was ZOOMING through this book! I absolutely loved Camille and Reid. Their relationship grew with genuine connections, with opening their hearts to each other and slowly finding comfort together. The lust between them was OFF THE CHARTS, which gave me that angsty feeling that I love so much. And since I’m from Tampa, I loved reading about their romps around town, their drives to and from Savannah, and their days spent at the beach. Sigh. LOVED IT!

For me, the most dazzling part of this southern romance was the conflict. I’m a sucker for well-written conflict, and Andrews nailed it with Chasing Clouds. The tension was so well-built, the climax so well-executed. I was holding one hand to my mouth, shaking my head and speaking out loud to my Kindle like I could talk to the characters and tell them what missing parts they couldn’t see. It was fantastic. By the time the end rolled around, I was on the edge of my seat and ready to burst. THAT is good writing, y’all!

This isn’t just a romance, either — it’s a story of self-reflection, of understanding how we tick and WHY we tick that way. It was a deep dive of family values, family impact, guilt, expectation, and more. And what I loved most was how Reid and Camille found love in each other when it seemed the last place they were ever meant to be was in each other’s arms. SIGH, talk about fate!

Overall, I highly recommend this book — especially for a light, swoony summer read. Kathryn Andrews didn’t just get a hit with this one, she knocked it out of the park. Angsty, sexy, and surprisingly witty, I devoured every page. 5 stars!

~ Kandi Steiner, Amazon Bestselling Author

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