A Love Note from Zach to Shelby

Every year in February, Lisa from a Truestorybookblog, posts one love letter a day from some of her favorite heroes to their heroines. This year we picked Zach and Shelby from The Sweetness of Life. I hope you’ll think it’s fun and sweet, and make sure you click the link to see another love note from Bryan to Lexi and enter her giveaway!


Do you know what today is? It’s honey harvest day!

After my run, I stopped to check the hives, and the nectar is flowing and the beehives are capped. The sun is up, they are ready, and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day. (Especially later when everyone leaves and I strip you out of the suit and taste this honey on your skin. Just imagining the flavor has my mouth watering. You know I think there’s nothing better than you being sticky and sweet.)

So, rise and shine. Get that gorgeous ass of yours moving.

It’s been two hours and I miss you already.



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