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Every year, for the month of February, Lisa Mauer from True Story Book Blog hosts “Love Notes.” Each day there is a different love note from some of your favorite heros by some of your favorite authors. The notes are a mix of sexy, swoony, funny, and sweet, and this year, the readers in Kathryn’s Krewe voted for Reid and Camille. Here’s an early peek at mine, but make sure you follow along to see the others! https://www.truestorybookblog.com/

(Setting: Camille waking up to find a paper airplane sitting on top of a heart box of chocolates, along with a small teal box wrapped in a white ribbon on her nightstand. After unfolding the airplane and reading the note, she opens the box to find a classic Tiffany&Co Atlas watch, the dial set with round brilliant diamonds.)

Should I tell you Happy Anniversary, or Happy Valentine’s Day? Either way, to me they both mean the same thing, I love you. I know you’re thinking that February 14th isn’t our true anniversary, August 3d is, but it is the first time I said “I do” to you, and the day I handed over my heart. Therefore, I feel like today should be celebrated as both. The traditional first anniversary gift of paper is thought to represent the strengthening of the relationship just like the interlocking strength of the fibers, I’m happy to know that we’ve got this one covered, so you can add this airplane to your ever growing collection. But the modern first anniversary gift is a clock to show the endless love and time we will spend together as a couple. That’s what my love is for you, endless, timeless, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Don’t eat the chocolates just yet, come find me in the kitchen, I’m making you breakfast. Happy Anniversary.
Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you. ~ Reid

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