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I am a member of Kandiland Fit Fam, Author Kandi Steiner’s fitness page on Facebook, and last month she invited us to join Lauren Johnson’s 60 Habit Challenge. It starts today, and I am enclosing her first email. If this looks good to you, and something you will find value in reading, then don’t miss out on signing up! Here’s the link!

Join The Challenge!

Week 1 – Who do you want to be?

“Imagine two people resisting a cigarette. When offered a smoke, the first person says, “No thanks. I’m trying to quit.” It sounds like a reasonable response, but this person still believes they are a smoker who is trying to be something else. They are hoping their behavior will change while carrying around the same beliefs.

The second person declines by saying, “No thanks. I’m not a smoker.” It’s a small difference, but this statement signals a shift in identity. Smoking was part of their former life, not their current one. They no longer identify as someone who smokes.” (Clear, Atomic Habits, pg. 32)

Your beliefs about who you are play a HUGE role in the things you do everyday. 


Belief: “I am a morning person.” ➡️ Behavior: wakes up early

Belief: “I am never on time.” ➡️ Behavior: shows up 15 minutes late

Belief: “I am a healthy eater.” ➡️ Behavior: eats a balanced diet

💥Newsflash! There is no DNA evidence that supports whether or not we are morning people, but you know what evidence does support that belief? Our habits. Let me explain…

True story 👇

I was working with an athlete back in the day and she was pretty quiet. I remember wondering, why won’t she talk to me? Like our self-absorbed brains like to believe, I thought it was me or something I did. After spending several weeks on and off around her, she was familiar with me and I with her, yet our interactions were still limited. One day, I decided to confront the awkwardness. I said, “Is there a reason you don’t say much when I ask you a question?” She responded, “I’m not good at speaking, so I try not to speak a lot.” I was baffled by her response and immediately wanted to know more. I asked her, “Is there a reason why you believe that? Because right now, I thought you spoke very clearly.” She responded, “When I was in first grade my teacher asked me to read a paragraph out loud to the class. I struggled to get my words across and afterwards, she told me I wasn’t good at speaking.”

Belief: “I am not good at speaking.” ➡️ Behavior: avoids speaking at all costs

Most of us are trapped inside our old identity; we’ve latched onto this story or belief about who we are. What story have you been telling to yourself? I am not good enough, I am not a runner, I am not smart, I am not outgoing, I am not beautiful, I am not worthy, I am not this type of person or I am not that type of person. Welllllllll today, we’re going to say GOODBYE 👋 to those limiting beliefs – you ready?

👉 (cough**get out that journal**cough) 📝


  • Pick one goal that you want to focus on


Ex. I want to be healthier, I want to read more, I want to be more organized, etc.

  •  Describe the type of person who would achieve that goal.


Ex. The type of person who eats a balanced diet everyday, the type of person who reads for 10 minutes each night, the type of person who plans their day the night before, etc.

(👆 That is the new identity I want you to embody)

Finish this sentence: I want to become the type of person who


🛑 I want you to stop here for 5 minutes (yes, I’m serious – I can hear your distaste from miles away). When you’re done reading this, I want you to set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes, close your eyes and visualize this new identity. Think about how your behaviors change. Notice what your day would look like, notice what it feels like, notice how you’re dressed, notice how you carry yourself, notice your confidence. And for the next 5 minutes just live in this new identity.


  • Write down one small step you can take this week that would support your new identity.


Ex. Pack my lunch for work everyday this week, read for 10 minutes every night before I go to bed, write down 5 things at night that I want to get done tomorrow. **Exercise inspired by Atomic Habits, chapter 2


The fastest way to change our identity is to change the things we do on a daily basis. 

Week 1 – SUMMARY

This week is all about identity. I want you to focus on executing that small step that supports the person who you wish to become.

Can’t wait to see your journey this week! 😊


P.s. Make sure you check out our facebook page! If you’re not already a member, then you should join! I’ll be posting content to support your journey & checking in on your progress. If you have any questions throughout the process – facebook is the place to ask, just #AskLauren in your post and I’ll be on it! 

P.p.s. If you plan on sharing your journey, don’t forget to use the hashtag #60DayHC so we can support each other throughout the process!

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