September Book Nerd Chatter


✌🏻September Book Nerd Chatter✌🏻
Come join us for some nerdy book talk and enjoy daily takeovers with #amazing authors.

You’ll no longer have to search to find your next #KindleUnlimited read!

Join Here 👉🏻

Sponsored Authors:
Annie Buff
Darlene Tallman
Samantha A. Cole
Erin Trejo
Brynne Asher
Lauren Nicole
Emery Jacobs
Annie Dyer
Ellie Masters
LJ Shen
Max Monroe
Nina Levine
Avelyn Paige
S. Van Horne
Evan Grace
Kathryn Andrews
L.A. Fiore
Parker S. Huntington
K Webster
Michelle Brown
Leaona Luxx
Lili Mahoney
Kathy Coopmans
Hayley Faiman
M.M. Clem
Celeste Grande
LK Farlow
Cora Kenborn
SE Foster
Kelly Elliott


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