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You Can’t Marry Him



JULY 19!!!

“Sir, what objections do you have to this marriage?” the minister asks, looking confused, his gaze bouncing between the three of us. Neither Patrick nor I turn to acknowledge him. Instead, we both stay locked onto the unexpected guest. I don’t know him, and it doesn’t appear that Patrick does, either. So, who is he?

“You can’t marry him,” he says, his voice deep and confident, his regard intense. I don’t understand what is happening, even though I feel like I should.

I don’t respond—I don’t know how to. All I can do is return his stare.

“I love you. Marry me.”




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“Would you marry a stranger to leave one life for another?”


Chasing Clouds 

Reid Jackson

I’m a simple guy. There are only two things I love: my family and playing professional football.

I may not understand why people get married, but I’d go anywhere for my brother, even his friend Camille’s wedding. Once I’m there, I realize our Bronx upbringing leaves me unprepared for the world of old southern money. Over twenty-four hours, I see scandal, threats, and lies. It’s a life I don’t relate to, and a place I never want to belong. But when the minister asks if anyone objects, I shock not only myself, but the beautiful bride when I stand up and say, “I do.” I don’t know her. She doesn’t know me. But deep down, I knew I had to make that move.

Camille Whitley

As a political socialite in the South, nothing about my life is simple. 

I’ve always known that one day I’d be standing at the altar, about to marry a man I don’t love. In Savannah, family expectations and appearances are everything, but none of it’s real. I hate what I’ve become, and dream of being free. So when a sudden opportunity presents itself in the form of a stranger with captivating green eyes, I find myself asking, “What’s best for me?” My fiancé or the stranger? The plan or the unknown? I don’t know him. He doesn’t know me. But if I’m going to make a move, it’s now or never.