The Beach Bag Boxed Set


I am honored to be involved in an incredible project with six other authors whose writing style and story-telling I respect and admire. We got together and thought, hey, let’s form a group of fun summer beach reads that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to our own readers. So the BEACH BAG was formed.


7 authors, 7 sizzling summer beach reads. Perfect for a week long vacation (whether you’re taking one or dreaming of taking one!)

This is a great opportunity for people to sample new-to-them authors! And it will only be available for JULY. Just one month! And for .99cents! Starting July 1st. So, if you like to pre-order your books here are the links, and be on the lookout for more posts to come!








2 responses to “The Beach Bag Boxed Set

  1. After completing the Butler Cove Series (Eversea), I saw this set on Amazon last night and literally fell asleep before clicking the button to buy. I woke up this morning to purchase and it has completely disappeared. Today is the last day in July…I’m so bummed. Is this available anywhere since we’re still in the month of July?

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