My Ordinary Life

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an Instagram post by my friend Sarah Lane. She was posting photos showing her everyday life, and I thought it was a great idea – from her walk to work to fun pictures of her girls. Whenever I host a Q&A session, I get questions about how I started writing and questions about my day to day life: job, favorite things, bucket list, family, etc. So for the month of May come follow me on Instagram. I hope to answer a bunch of these questions, and to give a glimpse into my ordinary life. @kandrewsauthor


Day 1: I didn’t make it out as early as I would’ve liked, life got in the way, and 84 felt like 104 in the sun, but I did it!!! Some days I love running, today I hated it!
#kathrynandrews #iloverunning #fitlife


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