#RealRomance Week with Nichole Chase


Hey y’all! It’s #RealRomance week hosted by Author Nichole Chase. This campaign is taking place from November 2-November 8, and in addition to our stories we’ll be encouraging readers to share their #RealRomance stories, caption #RealRomance pictures, etc.

The sky is the limit with these real life stories! Tell about your first date with your love, a funny story, your first fight, include pictures or don’t. It is completely up to you! We want the real deal on romance. Does your significant other steal bites of your favorite ice cream when you aren’t looking? Do you rush inside to find the remote after a long day so you’re not stuck watching ESPN? Did you play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would get up with the kids at midnight? So, keep a look out, you’ll find my stories here on the blog and posted to social media as well. Share those real life moments that make the magic of real romance with real people so much better.

You never know… your story just might end up in one of our books.

In addition, to celebrate the week there will be tons of giveaways and an amazing Rafflecopter has been set up. Make sure you click the link below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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