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Unforgettable Sun Review by Donna Sanderson

donna sanderson

This review comes from Donna at The Romance Cover. I love it… xo

“My heart was breaking because no one ever chose me. My life was and is a ground hog’s day of loneliness.”

To say that I have loved this series would be a severe understatement, I love it when I take a chance on a new author and they deliver. When I read the first book in this series I fell in love with Kathryn Andrews’ writing and three books later, I am still in love. All of these books have been emotional reads but I always knew that Matty’s book was going to be hard. Drew’s book killed me, Beau’s book damn near destroyed me and Matty’s is no different.

Matty Hale was always the quiet one, he hardly spoke, kept himself hidden and away from everybody. He had an incredible bond with his brother Beau and he would be the only one that Matty would open up for. I often wondered why Matty was the way he was, there had to be more to it than met the eye and knowing what kind of life Drew and Beau had endured you just knew that it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Abuse does not have to be physical, I think that mental abuse is often worse as the long term effects can be permanent and far more damaging and what Matty went through at the hands of his father was inexcusable. The head of the Hale family has been on my hit list for two books already and my opinion of him hasn’t changed in this book, I am just glad that he is not in their life anymore and his reign of torture is finally over for all of them.

Matty Hale, the young man that carries a wealth of burdens on his shoulders, family secrets that eat away at him daily and that are so bad they give him constant nightmares. A child having done and seen things no child should ever be exposed to all at the hands of a man who should have had his best interests at heart, a man who should have loved and nurtured him but a man who in fact used him as a means to an end. He was the bastard child, a result of an affair and something that his “dad” would never let him forget.

Matty had his escape mechanisms and I am so glad that he found the one friendship he did, a couple that took him under their wing and had a huge influence in the wonderful man that Matty was to become. While they had managed to set him on his way in life, they could do nothing for the guilt and self loathing that Matty carried.

“Every part of me inside is shattered. My soul is crying. My heart is bleeding. I was already a shell of a man before. I can’t fathom what will remain of me after this.”

However, there is a new girl in town, a girl escaping her own demons and a girl that Matty once shared a Summer with. Even though not many words were shared the fact that Matty never turned her away was a huge accomplishment in itself. Now their paths are to cross again, will she be the one to get Matty to open up and realise that what he shoulders is not his fault, will Matty be able to finally forgive and forget and live the life that he was destined to?

“She calms me. She steadies me. She saves me.”

Elle Summers is a super model with a multitude of problems, none more so than a stalker that is invading her thoughts and property at any given opportunity and an overbearing mother that is using her daughter to climb the social ladders and uses her daughter for fame and fortune under the guise of being her manager. When the stalker situation reaches a scary head, Elle scurries away to the only place she had ever felt safe a place where she hoped that no-one would ever find her, she goes to her Aunts on the Island.

“…there is only one way to be loved, truly loved, and that’s unconditionally…you are under my skin, in every breath that I take and permanently branded on my heart…I want to be bear you. I burn for you…”

Unforgettable Sun is one emotional read, you cannot help but be moved by Matty’s story and the fact that what he shoulders has a huge impact for all the Hale brothers. But this is a book about letting go of the past and living for the future. A story about finding love when you least expect it and letting yourself believe that you can be loved and you can love in return. We have two people both running, one from the past and one from the present, but together these two can run a marathon, they just have to let each other in.

“There are no do-overs in life. You get one chance and that’s it…it’s time to bury the ghosts and follow the sun.”

This was a fantastic read, one that I couldn’t put down. Once again another Hale brother has left me emotionally distraught but also with that feeling of hope. Children are more resilient than we think and I was so glad that Matty had the inner strength and the support of others to make him realise that he was an amazing person. He was a wonderful character who had a heart of gold and after reading his story it was hard to believe that he didn’t carry more permanent scars.

“Yeah, I’d follow that sun just about anywhere.”

Once again an amazing read from Kathryn Andrews, this is one of my all time favourite series and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you haven’t met the Hale brothers you seriously need to.

Unforgettable Sun Review by Erin Spencer

erin spencer

Love this review by Erin Spencer, Southern Belle Book Blog

You know that bittersweet moment when one of your favorite series’ ends? It’s wrapped up in a gorgeous little package, with all of the t’s crossed and i’s dotted, but your heart still hurts? That’s me tonight. I’m not ready to let the Hale Brothers go. I. Just. Can’t. Do it! As far as conclusions to a series go though, Unforgettable Sun was top of the line. It was emotional in the best and worst (not bad, just a bit painful) sort of ways, and it was everything I hoped it would be. Andrews absolutely did not disappoint.

I couldn’t wait to start Matt’s story. You fall in love with his character in the previous books, because he was so young and went through so much in his short years. Unforgettable Sun fast-forwards over time a bit, and you’ll see him as an utterly broken man. It’s heartbreaking, and you’ll feel for him from the get go. If there’s one thing above all else that Kathryn Andrews is amazing at (there are PLENTY of others though. She’s a rock star), her ability to make you not only connect, but truly love her characters is it. You feel Matt’s pain, isolation, and internal conflict. You’re there with him as he tries to make the right decisions, and you’ll feel it from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Although most of the emotion will be right in your heart – demolishing it, mending it, and feeling the outpouring of love from Elle. I love that Andrews doesn’t place an easy, plain heroine with Matt. Elle has her own issues and secrets, but she also feels…out of sort. Not in the right place. Unhappy with life. However you want to say it, but you see what I mean. Seeing these two sort their individual problems, with no shortage of hesitation and frustration but with the support and love of one another is hopeful and so very beautiful. I just fell in love with these two together, as well as apart. They go through many trying times, but handle it exactly as you’d hope they would.

As always, Andrews is so classy, so eloquent, and her writing is flawless. In each story, she brings something new to the table but it always has that Kathryn feel. Unforgettable Sun is no different. She’s so great at telling a story in a way that blends emotion, humor, and passion perfectly. She doesn’t need an abundance of cuss words or overly detailed sex scenes. She can suck you in and leave you biting your nails from just the emotion on the pages.

And and and…we get to see Drew and Beau! Especially Beau. *Insert happy dance here!* Ah, my sweet, romantic Hale Brothers. I just love them so. You really dive much deeper into what Matt and Beau’s relationship specifically entails. They really make for the most wonderful family, and their love and acceptance of one another shines through.

Overall, as sad as it makes me for it to be over, it ended perfectly. It all comes full circle, and questions that you may have had from book one or two will be answered. It’s a whirlwind romance that will take your breath away. I’m so in love with Matt, Elle, and the entire family, and can’t wait to see parts of their lives popping up in future books. I’m just not ready to let go. Good thing books can always be reread, so the Hale Brothers are here to stay. Whew.

Unforgettable Sun Review by Megan Cooke

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How could I not post this review… I love it Megan, thank you. xoxo

I am an ending person. That’s my favorite part of a book because I love that end result. It’s honestly why I love reading series so much, because if I get a phenomenal ending, an ending that just leaves me breathless and so totally in love with what I’ve just experienced, it makes me love that series and that ending book even more.

Unforgettable Sun was an extraordinary ending to The Hale Brothers Series by Kathryn Andrews. I don’t think I could’ve asked for anything better, and while I am so sad this series is ending, I could not have asked for a more perfect book to close out this series of unforgettable books.

This last book and Matt and Elle’s story just reiterated once again why I love this outstanding series, and why it is assuredly one of my all-time favorites. Each book that I’ve read in this series has completely blown me away with the level of emotion and feeling that flows from the page, the extraordinary characters I met that I won’t ever forget, and their thoughtfully developed stories that pulled me in every single time I read them.

Matt and Elle’s story in Unforgettable Sun is simply unforgettable. I’ve been dying to get my hands on Matt’s story since I met him in Drops of Rain, and I was completely enamored by him in this book. Then to top it all off I got Elle’s character, and she is just one of the most authentic and endearing characters I think I’ve had the chance to read.

I adored them both, and reading their story and experiencing all that they go through was nothing short of amazing.

Matt’s character has always intrigued me, so I was beyond ready to get into his head and learn more about him. I was just enraptured by him throughout this entire book. Knowing his thoughts and feelings, and experiencing what he’d been through just made me care for and love his character more. It also broke my heart at times to read that darkness he faced, and reading his struggle made me want to reach in and make it better for him. But seeing how Matt handled that struggle, how he attempted to overcome it and fight through it just made him so remarkable to read.

Elle was a character that I just instantly connected to. She felt so real to me, and Kathryn Andrews creates her in such a way that just makes her come to life. Elle just screamed authenticity, and I found her character to be so relatable and easy to love. I also could not get enough of how strong she was, because like Matt she faces some pretty heavy things, but through it all she gives it her all to be exactly who she wants to be. I just loved how Elle faced and persevered through everything, and there was just such a vibrant beauty to her both inside and out.

Matt and Elle have a serious connection that sparks off of the page, and you will feel that the instant they meet. That connection builds and grows immensely over the course of their story, and it just heightens and solidifies everything they are feeling and experiencing together. You will feel the enormity and pull of their connection when you read their story. It will pull you in like a moth to a flame, and there’s no way you won’t feel that amazing and spark filled connection they share.

Both of these characters have past and present darkness that they’re facing, but getting to know Matt’s past and what was haunting him just left me speechless. I had always wanted to know what was haunting Matt, and what led him to being the way that he was. What he goes through and what he had to experience just hurt my heart and made me so angry for him because of what he faced day in and day out. Reading Matt expose his past, being that vulnerable, and then in turn actually attempting to overcome it just left me in awe of him, and when you find out all he’s gone through I guarantee you’ll feel the exact same way.

There is so much wondrous fight in this book. Matt is fighting the darkness from his past that haunts him every day. Elle is fighting the negativity that surrounds and permeates her world, while also fighting against a very real kind of danger. Matt is also fighting against the feelings he just knows to be true, and Elle is fighting to help him realize that what they’re feeling, what they could have is something exceptional. Something unforgettable. Reading all that fight just demonstrates the shear tenacity of these characters, and that determination just defines this book and them in the most amazing way.

I love me some Hale Brothers. A lot. I’ve loved every book in this series because I’ve loved each of those brothers for the dynamic and distinctive people they are. Unforgettable Sun really just illuminates the depth of love these brothers have for one another. Those boys stole my little heart, and I think each of them are always going to have a little piece of it because they’re just that spectacular and heart melting. They really are the best and this book gives you another little fabulous taste of them all.

Kathryn Andrews knows how to create a story with so many varied and thoughtfully crafted emotions and feelings. They flow throughout each of her books, and just make them the magnificent things that they are. When I read Matt and Elle’s story I not only had the chance to step into their dynamic heads, I got to feel and experience and live everything they were. You feel their heartbreak, their pain, and their hurt. You also feel all their vulnerability, but you also get to experience their hope and fight and just all the amazing things that make them who they are. Having that kind of a connection and the chance to experience what they do with that level of emotion was extraordinary, and it just made me connect to Matt and Elle even more because of their fantastically layered and emotional story.

This book is all about being free. Being free of the past and the darkness it entails, free of other people and expectations, and just being free to be who you are. Being free to follow that sun, that light, and that happiness. Matt and Elle are both seeking that feeling of freeness, and the journey you go on with them as they push to be free is nothing short of wonderful. Kathryn Andrews adds that theme of being free into this story in such meaningful and beautiful ways, and I promise you are going to be enthralled by their journey and fight to be free.

Now I’m not telling you how this book ends, but just know that the ending for this book, for this series was everything I wanted and needed it to be and more. It will satisfy you, it will blow you away, and it will do everything in its power to make your heart oh so happy. Matt and Elle’s story is one helluva journey, and it provides the most superb ending to a phenomenal series.

Unforgettable Sun and Matt and Elle’s story exemplified everything that makes a book exceptional for me. Their story gave me the opportunity to feel with them, connect with them, hurt with them, and love them for everything they were and were trying to do. I wouldn’t trade that experience in for the world because it allowed me the chance to truly connect to two authentic characters and their utterly breathtaking story.

Every book in this series has given me so many things. This series gave me the chance to spend time with 3 dynamic and captivating brothers with some seriously dark and twisty pasts, as they fought for that light they so truly deserved. It also gave me three beautifully written stories that exemplified what it means to give it your all in order to end up exactly where you need to be. This series gave me 3 unique, mesmerizing, and meaning filled reading experiences that gave me it all.

This series gave me everything. Unforgettable Sun gave me everything. Matt and Elle gave me everything.

This book is just another shining example of Kathryn Andrews’ phenomenal writing and storytelling, and as much as I wish this wasn’t the end, what she gave me within each of these books is something I will truly never forget.

Unforgettable Sun Teasers…

I love teasers… Here are the ones that have posted over the last couple of weeks.

smiles for kisses follow the sun Kiss Teaser Elle teaser

Unforgettable Sun Prologue


STANDING IN THE middle of the street, I stare at a two-story Gulf waterfront home in front of me. I know this house, I know it well. It’s where Beau spends his days, and most of his nights. I can’t say I blame him, though. Even from the outside, this house always smells like fresh-baked cookies and laundry.

Beau recently gave me a pair of binoculars and, at the age of seven, I have become the best kid spy ever. Drew is always swimming or studying, and I’ve never really had any friends, so Beau became my mission. Daily, I watch him and report his activities to my headquarters, Aunt Ella’s backyard shed. He and Leila play on the beach and hide in the sea oats to watch the stars. When they are at Leila’s house, I watch them through the windows. He doesn’t know I’m there but, by doing this, I feel like we are playing together and I’m not quite so alone.

Tilting my head to the side, I focus on those same windows, just hoping that through my tears I will see something–anything–on the inside.

The night is silent, except for the water crashing onto the shore. The world is asleep and completely oblivious to what is happening before me.

There’s a halo of smoke surrounding the house. Against the dark night sky, it looks gray, almost white.

The house is on fire . . . and Beau is inside it.

Broken glass crunches as the heavy trod of my father’s boots make their way toward me. “Matt, what are you doing out here?” he hisses, while grabbing me by the arm. I barely feel it.

Thinking about his question, I want to be anywhere but here. My eyes are locked on the horror in front of me, and only one word, one name keeps repeating itself over and over in my mind . . . Beau.

Never looking at him, the arm he’s not squeezing slowly lifts, and I point to the house. His head swivels back and forth between me and the house.

“Beau,” I whisper. Another tear falls and rolls down my cheek.

“What! He’s in the house?” His fingers tighten even more on my arm, and I welcome the pain.

I nod my head.

He pulls out his phone and calls 911. As he’s pacing around me, I hear him talking urgently to someone, but I can’t decipher what he is saying.

An orange glow appears in the window, and my whole body starts shaking.

I don’t understand what is taking so long!

Where is he? He should be out by now!

The glow gets brighter, and it’s no longer just shining out the window. It’s peeking through all of the boards of the house, looking for a way to escape.

The smoke suddenly gets thicker, and flames burst through the French doors of the upstairs bedroom, causing me to take a step backward. Heat wraps around me, and the flames are so bright I have to shield my eyes. They remind of what it’s like to try to look at the sun.

Firemen arrive right as Beau emerges through the front door. He’s carrying Leila in front of him. He saved her. Relief washes over me, and I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding in.

I take a step toward them, just as an explosion inside the house pushes them over the threshold. Beau loses his balance and falls right on top of Leila. At the same time, a large piece of the porch ceiling breaks off and lands on top of them.

Beau’s screams echo through the night, and total chaos breaks out all at once.

Firemen rush onto the porch, throwing the wood off to the side. Two of them drape a blanket over Beau and another pulls Leila out from underneath him.

A hose is pulled out, and I can see two of the firemen spraying Beau. The fire that was just on his back is immediately put out.

I remember my mother once saying that to stop a burn you have to cool the skin.

The hose shuts off and is thrown down. The paramedics move frantically around him. Two of them begin to cut away his clothes, making him naked. A third shoves something down his throat. And a fourth pulls an IV and hooks it up to his arm.

Please don’t let him die.

Silent sobs are now pounding through my chest.

More rescue vehicles arrive, with their lights flashing. People are racing around in every direction, and I realize not one person has seen me or said anything to me.

A siren shrieks, and I jerk at the piercing noise as an ambulance speeds off down the street. They must have Leila.

“Matt, run,” my dad snarls at me through gritted teeth. Has he been standing next to me this entire time?

I blink up at him. I still can’t move, and that’s when he shoves me. Stumbling backward, I catch my balance and look back at the scene before me once more.

Beau is being lifted and placed on a gurney as they continue to hover over him. The hoses are back out and, from multiple directions, the house is being sprayed.

“Matt, I said to run!” He shoves me again, and that’s when it clicks; I really do have to get out of here.

Turning, and never looking back, I head for the beach.

Putting one foot in front of the other, I start running. Over the dunes and into the sand, I push as hard as I can. With tears streaming down my cheeks, visions of the fire play out before me. Gasping for air, the smell of smoke fills my senses. I didn’t notice it before, but now it is so strong I almost gag. Wiping my nose with the back of my hand, I desperately try to find some fresh air. But no, there it is again, that smell. It’s on my skin. It’s like it isn’t just following me, but now permanently a part of me. Charging into the water, I dive under, into the silence. My hands run over my arms, my face, and through my hair. I’m frantic, and I have to get rid of the smell.

Washing up onto the shore, I curl up into a ball on the wet sand. My heart is broken for Beau and I’m so afraid; so very afraid. He’s the one and only person who has ever shown me love, and the thought of losing him paralyzes me with fear. My sobs are still silent. I’ve been taught not to make a sound. But they hurt so much. Without a voice, I mouth his name over and over again. I just want Beau. I need Beau. He’s the only one who can make this all better, and make everything about this dreadful night disappear.

But he isn’t here, and he can’t be.

With my eyes pinched shut, the smell of smoke in my nose, and the feel of a nonexistent heat against my skin, I know. I know it with a certainty that has robbed me of my voice and permeated itself into my pores that, no matter what, everything about this night will be . . . unforgettable.