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Is Anna Maria Island A Real Place?


Is Anna Maria Island a real place? Yes. 

When I was a kid, we used to spend a week every summer on Anna Maria Island. As an adult, we frequent there quite often staying just for a few hours on a Sunday, or for weeks in the summer. It is by far one of my favorite places in the world. AMI is located south of Tampa and just north of Sarasota. It is the northern most barrier island of Bradenton. The water is blue green, the sand is bleach white, and the little town is eclectic. There are no commercial hotels or chain places, only a few beach motels and all mom and pop boutiques, cafes, art gallery’s, and restaurants. The best way to experience AMI is by renting a house, parking your car, and spending your time in the sand or on a bike.

I get asked a lot about the setting of the books, and I’m sure I will more so after Matt’s book and Whispers of Sand releases, so here are a few pictures that I took to share with you that come from Starless Nights. Beau and Leila spend a lot of time on Bean Point. Bean Point is a real place, and can be found at the very tip of the island where the Gulf meets the Bay. You can get to Bean Point by three different ways: walking around the tip, boat, or taking the trail. The trail is short, but just enough to make this location a romantic place for them.

In these photos I wanted you to see the trail where Beau carries her piggy-back , the wooden footpath that Leila hides under, and the bench they might have sat at, at the end of the story. Bean point is very quiet and gives you exquisite sunrise and sunset views.

IMG_4784 IMG_4785 IMG_4786


Meet Megan From The Never Ending Book Basket

NEBBAs an Indie Author, my dreams would not be coming true without the support and love of the many book bloggers who have read my stories and think they are worthy of sharing. Each month, in my Newsletter, I am introducing you to some of these amazing women. If they are new to you, make sure you hop on over to their Facebook page and blog, I’m sure they’d love to meet you…

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Megan is very near and dear to me. She beta reads for me, pushes me to stretch more, and helps me make my stories beautiful. Make sure you stop by soon and say “Hi” to her… xo

1. You are the blog – The Never Ending Book Basket, tell me a little bit about yourself… Well, my name is Megan and I run The Never Ending Book Basket. I spend my days teaching the tiny humans, and I spend every other waking minute of the day reading as many books as possible. I have always been a book addict, and I am a huge sucker for a good love story. Happily Ever Afters are my jam. In addition to books, I am a lover of all things coffee related, I’m an eternal optimist, and I am hugely addicted to every one of Shonda Rhimes’ TV show’s.
2. How did you get into blogging and why do you do it? So one day on my long commute home from work, the idea of starting a book blog just came to me, and that’s when The Never Ending Book Basket was born. I was ALWAYS talking about books I was reading to my friends or anyone else who would listen to me, and I wanted to find an outlet to share my thoughts on books, and a place where I could recommend the books I was reading to others. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started, but over a year later, The Never Ending Book Basket is still going strong! I’m all about spreading the book love as much as I can. I love supporting authors, and introducing their work to other readers. I also absolutely love the books that I’ve been exposed to since becoming a book blogger that I might have missed had I not entered this fabulous community of authors and bloggers.
I never knew the extraordinary people and friendships I would make by starting this blog, and I can’t say enough how happy book blogging and interacting with all these fabulous authors, fellow readers, and bloggers makes me.
3. If you could sit and have lunch with three authors, who would it be and why? This is a tough one because I would probably pick 50 authors if I could, but I guess if I could only pick 3 I’d go with Karen White, Colleen Hoover, and Stephen Chbosky.
Karen White because her books just have everything that makes a book phenomenal, and they’ve all got some southern love and charm. Colleen Hoover because her books inspire me as a reader and writer everyday, plus she seems like a seriously awesome person to hang out with. Stephen Chbosky because while I could NEVER pick a favorite book, if I ever attempted to write a list of favorite books, his book The Perks of Being a Wallflower would most definitely be on that list.
4. Which character in my books so far do you like the most and why? Another tough one! I hate to pick just one because I love them all immensely, but I have to say I think Matt is my favorite character. I’ve had the extraordinary chance to get a peek at his story, and let’s just say that I am in full on love with his character. His character has intrigued me since Drops of Rain, and stepping into his head and getting the chance to understand him is beyond fantastic. And let me tell you: his story is just going to blow you away!!!
5.  Tell me something on your bucket list. I’m going to give you two, one book related and one not. I would love to publish one of the many stories rolling around in my head, and I’ve told myself that this is the year I will actually get off my butt and get to writing it all down. I would also love to see a sunrise and a sunset in as many places as I possibly can around the world. (Australia, The Grand Canyon, Rio, Bali, & everywhere else in between!)