Postcard Pals

A couple of week ago, on my Facebook page, I kicked off Postcard Pals. I love postcards. Getting postcards in the mail is like opening Christmas presents all year round. Ask any of my friends (especially Author Elle Brooks – she likes to travel . . . a lot!) and they will tell you I am crazy for them.

I love the unique and different places.

I love the colors.

I adore the fun and interesting things on them.

And it means so much that someone took the time to send it to me.

So, here’s the deal . . . send me a postcard and I’ll send one back! In addition, you’ll be mentioned in my monthly Newsletter.

Kathryn Andrews

P.O. Box 262246

Tampa, FL 33685

Today, I opened the box and there were 2! Eeek! Sent to me from Rachel who lives in the UK. Thank you so much Rachel… Aren’t they pretty! Check out the Bedlington Terrier dog and in the other is Gatehead’s Angel of the North. This Angel is Britain’s largest sculpture, with its wings measuring 54 meters across. It watches over the Northumbrian countryside.

PP1b PP2b

Can’t wait to see what you send me!!!




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