Drops of Rain Publishing Day

The day has finally arrived, the button has been pushed, and now I’m swinging from one emotion to another. At the moment, I am sitting on my bedroom floor, watching the rain as it falls on the pond out back, and thinking about all that is happening over the next couple of days. Yes, I did say it is raining, how ironic, right?

A couple of hours ago, as I was knee deep in email inquires with KDP, correcting the book description, checking to make sure the International pricing was correct, and posting to Facebook . . . I found myself laughing with my friend Author Elle Brooks. You can’t get frustrated with the process, you just have to embrace it. Now, to top it all off, I had two little hazel eyes peeking at me saying, “mommy snuggles” and two more little hazel eyes asking “where’s breakfast?” My morning couldn’t have been more perfect.

I’m proud of myself and yet I am humbled at the same time. I would love to hug, kiss, and squeeze everyone who has helped make this dream come true. So, if you are reading this . . . thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I officially get to say that I am a published Author.
Now . . . the real fun begins!

pub photo pub photo1 pub photo2


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