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Review – 2 Girls A Book And A Glass Of Wine

How great is this little review… I love it! Thank you Natasha.



“Rain” A Poem By My Son Davy


At my boys school, in second grade, they spend a lot of the time working in Writers Workshop. At the end of each school year, the class has an Author’s Party to showcase some of their best work of the year to the parents. This past May, for Davy it was a poetry party.

Each child surprises their parents with a book full of poems that they have written. Throughout the school year, he was taught twenty three different styles of poems, and his book has over thirty poems it. So proud of him.

Well, right about this time he says, “Mama, did you publish your book yet?” No, I had not. Then he asks, “If I write a poem for your book will you put it in?” OF COURSE!!! YAY!!! I love supporting any and all types of creativity from them (another plus of self-publishing – I can put in whatever I want.) So, then he says, “Awesome, I already wrote it . . .” and he runs off to get it.

The thing that I find most extraordinary about his poem is at the time Drops of Rain was called Dragonfly. He didn’t even know that I had changed the title. Yet, here he is with his beautiful Cinquain Poem titled Rain.

You will find it after the dedication in Drops of Rain. He too is now published and I am so proud of him.

Drops of Rain Publishing Day

The day has finally arrived, the button has been pushed, and now I’m swinging from one emotion to another. At the moment, I am sitting on my bedroom floor, watching the rain as it falls on the pond out back, and thinking about all that is happening over the next couple of days. Yes, I did say it is raining, how ironic, right?

A couple of hours ago, as I was knee deep in email inquires with KDP, correcting the book description, checking to make sure the International pricing was correct, and posting to Facebook . . . I found myself laughing with my friend Author Elle Brooks. You can’t get frustrated with the process, you just have to embrace it. Now, to top it all off, I had two little hazel eyes peeking at me saying, “mommy snuggles” and two more little hazel eyes asking “where’s breakfast?” My morning couldn’t have been more perfect.

I’m proud of myself and yet I am humbled at the same time. I would love to hug, kiss, and squeeze everyone who has helped make this dream come true. So, if you are reading this . . . thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I officially get to say that I am a published Author.
Now . . . the real fun begins!

pub photo pub photo1 pub photo2

Countdown to Publish

Sometime in the next couple of hours, publish will be hit.  I know it is a little early for us here in the States, but I want to make sure all of my new International friends get the book on time.  August 11th is the release date and Drops of Rain will be ready to go.  Here are the countdown teasers that were made leading up to the big day . . .

8days 7days 6days 5days 4days 3days 2days 1day

Drops of Rain Dedication Page

This is so important to me, that I have to post! Thank you my love . . .


Changing Cassidy’s Character

CassidyI love feedback. All kinds, good and bad. As an author, we create, shape and mold our characters into these people that are relatable, loved, and even disliked. It’s the depth of the characters that give the story a true meaning.
I was fortunate enough to find a new editor last minute who gave me some great content feedback on one of my secondary characters. I’ve spent so much time on the Drew, Ali, and Beau, that Cassidy ended up falling a little short. So, five days before publishing, I set out to make her not so cliché, and to give her a little more depth than just being the mean girl.
The changes are slight, but they are throughout, and I hope that in the end the readers will appreciate this side to her a little more.
Nessa (my editor) says, “I love this direction. I think it’s so much better, more mature, grown-up, and adds more edge to the character.”
It seems to me that the stories always start the way we want them too, but it’s the story that decides how it’s going to end.
The manuscript is officially in the hands of the formatter and I am thrilled to finally say…”I’m DONE!” When I think back over the journey of Drops of Rain, at times it may have been challenging, but it all has been so worth it.
4 Days Away!…

A Review by Megan – Never Ending Book Basket

nebbReading Drops of Rain was by far one of the best reading experiences I’ve had in a long time. This book was just so much more. I could probably use every positive adjective I know, and it still wouldn’t do this book as much justice as it deserves.

Let me begin this review by telling you that this book took me through the serious emotional wringer. It was brimming with varied, well developed, and thoughtfully crafted emotions, each one more powerful than the last. Each event, character, and instance brought on a new feeling. Sometimes it was painful as hell, sometimes it even broke my heart to read, and then other times those instances brought on so much elation, healing, and love that it took my breath away from its sheer beauty.

This book was powerful and passionate as hell, and it truly had every single aspect that makes a book an exceptional read.

Drops of Rain is from both Ali and Drew’s alternating perspectives which illuminated so much about them both as individual characters, but especially so with how they felt about one another. Their individual P.O.V. enlighten everything about them, their pasts, and their presents while managing to capture them in such a truly enthralling and believable way.

Ali’s character was beautifully inspiring, and that girl had some serious sass to her that just drew me to her. Ali is the type of girl who is determined and focused, and stops for nothing. She could also care less what other’s think of her, and that was truly refreshing. Through everything she experiences with her loss and with Drew, her character shines and emanates through. You will feel for Ali, you will love her, and you’ll want to protect her with everything you’ve got. The connection I had with her was outstandingly powerful.

Drew is by far one of my favorite male characters I’ve EVER read. The time spent in his head explains what shaped him to become the man he is, and the man he is becoming when he meets Ali. Drew is severely driven and fiercely protective because of circumstances no one should ever have to experience. His character is one that’ll take root in your heart, and your love for him will continually grow with every single word. What Drew experiences will exemplify the strength he has, and will show you just how good of a person he is.

The build in Ali and Drew’s relationship exemplifies everything it takes for them to be together. Their hesitancy, doubts, emotional pushes and pulls, and steps forward and backward throughout that building of their relationship epitomizes all they are putting into it. You get to read how their connection flourishes and grows, and how they become each other’s “person” in every single way, and that’s absolutely brilliant.

Both of these characters have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Ali is feeling utterly alone, and Drew is pulling away from everyone. They’re both at war with so many emotions and people, but when they come together, they fight for that happiness they both so totally deserve. The fight both of these remarkable characters go through for that happiness will just make you want to fight for them too. Their tenacity in the face of so much sadness, pain, and utter anguish will blow you away.

Like I said, this book takes you through a full on emotional wringer, but this aspect is why I loved it immensely. The anguish, pain, and desolateness that both Ali and Drew experience in their individual lives will just make your heart hurt. You’ll want to reach in and offer comfort, and just make it better for them. In the end though, that emotional wringer will make the story that comes off the page that much more memorable, and seriously worthwhile because of every emotion you experience. With every instance that pulled at my heart and brought tears to my eyes, there was an instance that healed and transformed it all.

Every single supporting character won me over in an instant, and I loved them all for their range of sparkling personalities that just made me consistently smile. There is also an instant comradery between all of these characters themselves and with Ali & Drew that is felt exceedingly real and authentic for characters of their age. Beau and Layla especially stood out because of every incredible line and moment they added with Ali and Drew and the rest of the story. (I cannot wait to read more Beau! He just melted my heart!)

Drops of Rain is writing and storytelling at its best. The characters are thoughtfully crafted and developed, the story is one you’ll connect with instantly, the level of emotion will blow you out of the water, and in the end you’ll be glad as hell you read this book. Kathryn Andrews blew me away with this book, and I sincerely hope you take a leap of faith with my HIGHEST recommendation, and give Drops of Rain a read so that you can experience its breathtaking magnificence.